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api fix balance limit control logic 2023-12-05 10:17:45 -06:00
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sw Only resubscribe on compatible old subscriptions (#616) 2023-11-08 18:18:41 -06:00
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.babelrc dark mode with css variables instead 2021-11-09 16:43:56 -06:00
.env.sample Move OPENSEARCH env vars to optional section 2023-10-13 22:11:50 +02:00
.gitignore remove slashtags completely 2023-08-17 13:40:21 -05:00
.npmrc Revert "Revert "shield your eyes; massive, squashed refactor; nextjs/react/react-dom/apollo upgrades"" 2023-07-23 10:08:43 -05:00
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Dockerfile use node v18 in docker 2023-08-07 13:19:11 -05:00
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We pay sats for PRs. Sats will be proportional to the impact of the PR. If there's something you'd like to work on, suggest how much you'd do it for on the issue. If there's something you'd like to work on that isn't already an issue, whether its a bug fix or a new feature, create one.

We aim to have a quick PR turnaround time, but we are sometimes slower than we'd like. In most cases, if your PR is unambiguously good, it shouldn't take us more than 1 week.

If you have a question about contributing start a discussion.

responsible disclosure

If you found a vulnerability, we would greatly appreciate it if you contact us via kk@stacker.news or t.me/k00bideh.


Stacker News is like Hacker News but we pay you Bitcoin. We use Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to provide Sybil resistance and any karma earned is withdrawable as Bitcoin.

wen decentralization

We're experimenting with providing an SN-like service on nostr in Outer Space. It's our overarching goal to align SN with Bitcoin's ethos yet still make a product the average bitcoiner loves to use.

local development

  1. Install docker-compose and deps if you don't already have it installed
  2. git clone git@github.com:stackernews/stacker.news.git sn && cd sn
  3. docker-compose up --build

You should then be able to access the site at localhost:3000 and any changes you make will hot reload. If you want to login locally or use lnd you'll need to modify .env.sample appropriately. More details here and here. If you have trouble please open an issue so I can help and update the README for everyone else.

web push

To enable Web Push locally, you will need to set the VAPID_* env vars. VAPID_MAILTO needs to be an email address using the mailto: scheme. For NEXT_PUBLIC_VAPID_KEY and VAPID_PRIVKEY, you can run npx web-push generate-vapid-keys.


To configure the image proxy, you will need to set the IMGPROXY_ env vars. NEXT_PUBLIC_IMGPROXY_URL needs to point to the image proxy service. IMGPROXY_KEY and IMGPROXY_SALT can be set using openssl rand -hex 64.


The site is written in javascript using Next.js, a React framework. The backend API is provided via GraphQL. The database is PostgreSQL modeled with Prisma. The job queue is also maintained in PostgreSQL. We use lnd for our lightning node. A customized Bootstrap theme is used for styling.


There are two. 1. the web app and 2. the worker, which dequeues jobs sent to it by the web app, e.g. polling lnd for invoice/payment status

wallet transaction safety

To ensure stackers balances are kept sane, all wallet updates are run in serializable transactions at the database level. Because prisma has relatively poor support for transactions all wallet touching code is written in plpgsql stored procedures and can be found in the prisma/migrations folder.


The code is linted with standardjs.